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What’s New in 2016 

I would like to thank the Council for entrusting the future of the Georgia Quilt Council to me and my leadership team in 2016. Plans are on the way to develop a statewide “Quilting Information Network – QIN” in 2016. I have listed the outline of the plan and more details will follow in January 2016.

If you Google, “Quilting” and “Georgia”, the Georgia Quilt Council will pop up in the first few entries. The Council is the one organization within the state of Georgia that individuals look to for quilting information. I have been working the last few months on a “Quilting Information Network” which will divide the state into 7 regions each with a representative to be in personal touch with the quilt guilds within their region. Guild information such as retreats, shows, speakers, charity and special projects will be listed in the quarterly newsletter. The “Quilting Information Network” will only be as strong as all the links, so help us by sharing your guild’s information with other guilds from across the state. If you would like to help with being a regional representative, please give me a call.

Starting in 2016, the Council will be hosting an “Individual Membership Challenge” and a “Business Membership Challenge” with prizes to be awarded for individuals who en-courage membership in the Council. Why join the Council? Membership gives us the ability to protect and preserve the art of quilting in Georgia by exchanging ideas, pro-jects, and events. There will be more details in January. Start your list today of quilting friends and businesses that you can encourage to join us in the largest quilting network in Georgia.

The Georgia Quilt Council Facebook page will become a private page in 2016 for mem-bers only. You can feel secure to list your quilting pictures, ideas, items you may have for sale, or memories. The newsletter will become a quarterly publication in 2016 in order to list all guild information. Our Council website will also be listing guild infor-mation on the members only pages.

Have a great Christmas holiday with family and friends. I look forward to working with all of you in 2016 to build the Georgia Quilt Council “Quilting Network”.

Sara Shy